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What to write, what to write...

The last five months were completely dominated by writing the sequel to MAGIC DARK, MAGIC DIVINE, and I'm extremely excited about MAGIC LEGENDARY, MAGIC ROGUE which will be dropping this November. It is now in my editor's hands so I have a bit of breathing space before it's back on my plate for edits, so naturally instead of thinking I can relax my foot is still on the writing gas pedal. NOW WHAT DO I WRITE, says my brain! Here's a snapshot of what I'd like to get done:

1) Last year I started then put in limbo a second world YA Fantasy. I've got about half the book drafted but it needs a lot of re-working because I hit a bit of a wall with it. It's a project I'm really excited about though, the world building is huge and fun and different from anything I've written so far. I think this will be my focus next. Though it's a little dauting coming off the big worldbuilding I put out for Legendary/Rogue and diving into another one. Part of me was like...write something simpler now, give your brain a break! But I already know I'll be ignoring that inner voice lol

2) I've also been thinking about publishing on Kindle Vella. I have some projects in mind for this and I'm gonna take the time to work on them and see how I can enter the Vella space. I've been very intrigued by publishing work serially since I heard about Vella.

3) I need to re-publish my Reanimation Files series. This might end up being a focus for 2023, because I'd like to read through each of the four books and re-fresh them. I've already started doing so for Affairs of the Dead and even though I'm proud of these books as they are there's something to be said about coming back to them several years later and seeing ways in which I can improve them. So this will be a work in progress. The same goes for Black Widow Witch, which was also previously published. In 2020 I started a sequel to it and got about half-way through so I've like to finish that as well.

4) I'd also love to re-publish a steamy little novella I put out a few years ago called Elemental Inferno. Like Affairs, it needs a re-fresh, and a new cover. Depending on when I can get this together I might publish it later this year.

And of course I have no shortage of new ideas for books so no matter what I think I should be working on my muse might just pop in with a WAIT A MINUTE! But, it doesn't hurt to have a plan at least!

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