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Upcoming Release - Elemental Inferno

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

My next story for Kindle Vella will be a short but spicy one. Elemental Inferno is gonna bring a lot of heat with enough of a plot to tie it all together ;) Episodes will start publishing very soon! In the meantime, take a look at the gorgeous story art and a description of what's in store when you step into Rielle's world.


Rielle can’t have sex – unless it’s winter. As a Winter Aura she brings the good and bad of winter to NYC, and while she can unleash snowstorms for a few months, the rest of the year she can’t do anything that could cause her to lose control of herself and accidentally make it snow in June. That means hot, passionate sex is strictly forbidden.

No sex for most of the year used to be Rielle’s biggest problem until the Summer Aura for her area winds up dead and the sun almost scorches the city into oblivion. Aden, a sexier than sin Summer Aura, arrives and cools things down, but heats Rielle up. The attraction between them is magnetic, but Aden’s appearance puts the Elders who guide all Auras on edge, and it suddenly seems like both the Elders and Aden have secrets they don’t want coming to light. Despite the air of danger, Rielle is drawn to Aden, especially when he promises he can show her a way for them to indulge their passions without repercussions.

And boy do they indulge.

But the fun can’t last when an Aura is dead with no explanation. And when Aden’s secrets are revealed, the Elders take drastic measures to ensure their own sins remain buried. Now, Rielle has to choose if to play hero for a man who ignites her body and heart like no one ever has.

And here all Rielle wanted was some good sex.

Check out my ongoing story on Vella in the meantime --> The Vanish Witch

Its got intriguing magic, spicy good times, and a dangerous quest to leave a chaotic, parallel world

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