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The Vanish Witch

The Vanish Witch is now complete on Kindle Vella! This story was my first venture onto this platform and it has now come to its conclusion. There are 43 episodes in total, and the first 3 can be read for free.

So, is there more to come from Kitaine's world of witches with small magics? Yup! Next year I am planning to release the story as a complete book, and I am going to include a new short story at the end that deals with the immediate aftermath of Kit's disappearance and will be told from the perspective of her sibling, Jiano. I'm also planning to continue Kit's story in a squeal as there's a lot this Vanish Witch is going to have to contend with after her harrowing adventure in Elsewhere.

The full release of The Vanish Witch will have a new cover and I'll be able to include fun things like a glossary and map of Kit's witch town, Sollunara. More updates to come!

In the meantime, head over to Vella if you want to read it in episodic format.

And while The Vanish Witch is done for now, I'm also publishing a steamy story on Vella called Elemental Inferno. Lots of spice in this one with enough plot to hold it together ;)

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