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Sneak Peak ~ Elemental Inferno

A few years ago I wrote and briefly self-published a steamy little 30k novella called Elemental Inferno. I'm aiming to get it back out there again, so re-working it has been my little side project while writing the sequel to Magic Dark, Magic Divine. I don't have a pub date set, but hopefully it will be sometime this year. For now, here's a peek at the opening page and a description to whet your appetite ;)

Elemental Inferno

I think most people would only accept a job where their sex life was dictated by the seasons if their life depended on it. Then again, they might choose to die and have as much sex as they could before then. When I had signed on almost a hundred years ago, the fine print hadn’t seemed like a big deal. Yeah, I’m old. Immortal if you wanted to get technical, but I stopped aging that fateful day so I’m gonna be forever thirty. And though my life had depended on taking the job back then, that didn’t make the rules any easier to accept.

Especially since today was the hottest fucking day. Wet, hot, sticky, sweltering, and not only did I feel like my organs were baking inside my body, there was also an unfortunate side effect of horniness as my sweat slicked body felt primed to slide up against someone, generating more heat than the sun as we tangled, grunted, and panted ourselves to ecstasy.

Usually I wasn’t so hard up, but the intense heat had brought this carnal rage to the surface, which was why I was standing in front of the calendar in my apartment calculating how long it would be until I could wrap myself around someone. It was late June; winter was about five months away. Five. Long. Months. I braced a hand against the wall, dropped my head, and released a slow exhale, trying to quell the thrumming in my body that had been present since I had woken up to this heat wave three days ago. My tank top and shorts were glued to my skin. I tried to think cold thoughts: an arctic wind blowing over my naked body while I lay in the snow and snowflakes fell over me. Then a sexy man wearing nothing but boots and a scarf walks up and…

No. I opened my eyes and straightened up. Stupid brain, interjecting sexy men again. This morning it had been while I was staring at my cereal box. All of a sudden Captain Crunch had become a disturbingly gorgeous man who looked like he’d been carved out of mahogany and sin. Then I had transformed a delivery man into something he would never be as I walked past him in the lobby.

I bet Bero had done this on purpose, just to be a dick. The Summer Elder, Sonal, usually snipped his antics in the bud, but it was now day three of this heat wave. I wished I could use my winter magic to bring the city some reprieve, but being out of my season meant I had to keep myself rigidly in check. A slip up could have it snowing in June, and the humans would think the apocalypse had descended. I couldn’t use my magic to cool a beverage…and I also couldn’t have sex. Not a lick, not a suck, not even just the tip. An orgasm could literally lead to a blizzard, which would be fine in January, but not so much in June.

My life was weird.

Well, I could curse Bero while I melted inside my apartment, or I could go find him and bitch him out face to face. It was an easy decision, even if it meant I’d have to go outside. I was likely to find Bero at the Elder’s headquarters, and if he wasn’t there I could just annoy someone else. Anything to distract myself from thoughts of heat and a slick, chiseled body


Rielle can’t have sex – unless it’s winter. As a Winter Aura she brings the good and bad of winter to NYC, and while she can unleash snowstorms for a few months, the rest of the year she can unleash nothing that could cause her to lose control of herself. Like hot, passionate sex. That way she won’t accidentally make it snow in June. It also helps her avoid being put into an eternal sleep by the Aura Elders who won’t abide by Auras who can’t maintain control of their magic.

No sex for most of the year used to be Rielle’s biggest problem until the Summer Aura for her area winds up dead and the sun almost scorches NYC into oblivion. Aden, a sexier than sin Summer Aura, arrives and cools things down, but heats Rielle up. He’s got a body Rielle would love to wrap around hers, and the attraction between them is magnetic. However, Aden’s appearance puts the Elders on edge like Rielle has never seen before, and it suddenly seems like both the Elders and Aden have secrets they don’t want coming to light. Despite the air of danger, Rielle is drawn to Aden, especially when he promises he can show her a way for them to indulge their passions without repercussions.

But the fun can’t last when an Aura is still dead with no explanation. And when Aden’s secrets are revealed, the Elders choose drastic measures that could mean something worse than eternal sleep. Now Rielle has to choose if to play hero or let the Elders go through with their deadly plan against Aden, which they claim will keep them all safe. And here all Rielle wanted was some good sex.

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