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New Release: THE VANISH WITCH on Kindle Vella

I've got a sizzling serial story launching today on Kindle Vella. There are 43 episodes total and new episodes will drop on Mondays and Fridays. Come find out the big trouble a witch with a small amount of magic can get into (including some angsty romantic woes).

Kitaine is a Vanish Witch who makes the corrupt and violent disappear until a hit goes awry and she Vanishes instead. She ends up in a chaotic, parallel world where all her marks ended up…as well as her lover Marrik, an accidental victim of her magic. Their reunion is passionate, but they need to get home. When a mysterious witch presents an out, Kit and Marrik will do whatever it takes to escape, but it won’t be easy when all those bad souls are gunning for Kit, wanting their pound of flesh. Stay up to date with all my writerly news by signing up for my newsletter here

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