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Magic Dark Magic Divine: Meet the Characters

This interview was first posted over on Fresh Fiction.

Meet the main characters of MAGIC DARK, MAGIC DIVINE! I had a lot of fun interviewing Pennrae, Callan, Gideon, and Toji. The answers they give don’t just pull from the book either! You’ll learn tidbits about them that aren't in the novel, so it’s a great bit of insight into who they are as well as what their relationships with each other are like. I hope you enjoy getting to know my crew a bit.

And if you want to know even MORE about them, just snag the book ;)

Q1: Give one word to describe the others

Penn: Oh, this should be good…

Gideon: Unflattering descriptions will be heckled.

Toji: Gideon is one of the most fiercely caring people I know. Penn is unfathomably protective of those she cares about. I don’t know Callan very well yet, but he has to be strong if Penn has him by her side.

Callan: I definitely need my strength. She throws a mean punch…

Penn: Watch it before one really comes your way.

Gideon: Me next! Toji, my love, is endlessly patient and understanding. I know that’s two words but there’s no shortage of adjectives for my husband. Penn is extremely perceptive, and Callan has nice biceps.

Callan: Thank you. Next to my abs they’re my best trait. Gideon and Toji, you are both loyal friends with how I’ve seen you show up for Penn and stay by her side through all the danger that’s cropped up. And Penn, you’re the incredibly strong one. I’m in awe of you.

Penn: Guess I won’t punch you after all. Gideon, you’re ride or die, always have been. Toji, you have an inner strength that can go unnoticed, but I see it. Callan, you’re dependable no matter what.

Q2: What are your hobbies and pastimes?

Penn: Punching things, kicking things, stabbing things…

Gideon: Don’t be one dimensional, Penn.

Penn: Fine. I enjoy carving wooden figurines and making metal and wood-based jewelry in between punching and stabbing things.

Toji: Cooking, watercolor painting, photography.

Callan: Knitting, graphic design, karate, anime, and video games.

Gideon: Watching Toji cook, manga, anime, and video games, collecting authentic magic-era items, the rarer the better, basketball.

Q3: What is your favorite color?

Penn: Magenta

Toji: Aqua

Gideon: Teal

Callan: Peacock Blue

Q4: What is your favorite food?

Penn: Anything Gideon’s Guyanese mother cooks.

Gideon: Amen to that. Curried goat all day.

Callan: Can’t single out a favorite, I eat almost anything.

Toji: I also favor my mother-in-law’s cuisine. And I love a good Okonomiyaki.

Q5: How close are you to your family?

Penn: I was very close to my parents and sister. I miss them every day.

Callan: I was close to my parents in childhood but grew apart from my father as an adult for…reasons. My mother was my best friend.

Toji: I never met my biological family, but I have a pretty good relationship with my adoptive family, which includes two sisters.

Gideon: I’m tempted to say I’m not close to my family so my mother can read this interview then call me at seven in the morning to berate me while my father makes agreeable sounds in the background.

Penn: Why would you do that to yourself?

Gideon: I haven’t ruffled their feathers in a while, it’s overdue.

Penn: Your funeral. I’ll miss you.

Q6: What are your views on sex?

Penn: Yes, please.

Gideon: I’ll take five

Penn: Five sex?

Gideon: Yes, that’s right.

Penn: Toji?

Toji: He’s already had two today.

Penn: Oh myyyy…

Callan: My poor, innocent ears.

Penn: I know you’re not talking.

Callan: You’re right, we’ve only had one sex today we gotta catch up to beat them.

Penn: Now it’s a competition? I’m down though.

Q7: What do you consider the most important event of your life so far?

Penn: Will be a hard mountain to climb for anything to top falling asleep for almost three hundred years.

Toji: Becoming an RN and meeting Gi

Gideon: Marrying Toji and opening my own consignment shop

Callan: Losing my mother

Q8: Do you have any tattoos or scars that tell a story?

Gideon: I have a piece above my shoulder blade in memory of a childhood friend that passed away. I want some kinda anime or game related one someday soon.

Penn: I have several tattoos, one of my Familiar, Ashe, a floral based on Tamer flowers, and some others. These two scars in my eyebrow are from a fight to the death that I won by the skin of my teeth…

Callan: Now Penn…

Penn: ….

Callan: A magic-era bird clawed her when she was trying to get it back into its nest.

Penn: No sex for you. Gideon and Toji win.

Callan: Damn it.

Toji: I don’t have any tattoos, but I’d like to get a sleeve started. Quarter, then half, and eventually full.

Gideon: Mmm, if you think I can’t keep my hands off you now wait until you’re tatted up.

Penn: Gonna go from five sex to ten…

Gideon: I know that’s right.

I hope you had fun getting to know the gang a bit!

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