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Fire + Ice + Spice - New Release on Kindle Vella

Episodes of ELEMENTAL INFERNO have started publishing! The first three episodes can be read for free, and I am aiming to publish 1-2 new episodes a week.

Aden is a Summer Aura, Rielle is a Winter Aura. Their opposing seasons means they can never be together...but where there's a will (and a sizzling attraction), there's a way.

Find out how Aden and Rielle are able to give in to their attraction, and how they get themselves out of a bit of danger. Read a snippet below!

Hot, Sticky, Sweltering

I think most people would only accept a job where their sex life was dictated by the seasons if their life depended on it. Then again, they might choose to die and have as much sex as they wanted before then. When I had signed on almost a hundred years ago, the fine print hadn’t seemed like a big deal. Yeah, I’m old. Immortal if you wanna get technical, but I’d stopped aging that fateful day so I’m gonna be forever thirty. And though my life had depended on taking the job back then, that didn’t make following the rules any easier, even after all this time.

Especially since today was the hottest fucking day.

It was hot, sticky, and sweltering, and not only did my organs feel like they were baking inside my body, there was also an unfortunate side effect of horniness as my sweat slick body felt primed to slide up against someone, generating even more heat we tangled, grunted, and panted ourselves to ecstasy.

Usually I wasn’t so hard up, but the intense heat had brought this carnal rage to the surface, which was why I had done the math on how long it would be until I could have sex again about a million times. It was late June; winter was about five months away.

Five. Long. Months.

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