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2022 Writing Wrap Up

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

I end this year feeling proud of what I've written and hopeful about the continued progress into the new year. I may not have achieved every single thing I wanted to this year, but completing four projects, plotting or semi-plotting several others, and going on sub for the first time have been great accomplishments.

I went on sub for the first time with a picture book this year, and that was exciting no matter what comes from being on sub. It's a sweet, lyrical, bed time story that I think will always be one of my favorites. I've got another picture book project on the back burner for eventual sub, and I am keeping the positive vibes that I'll be able to put a PB project out there one day.

With my adult writing, I completed four projects: The sequel to Magic Dark, Magic Divine , The Vanish Witch (available on Kindle Vella), Elemental Inferno (publishing on Kindle Vella), and H&C, a historical fantasy romance largely inspired by Wuthering Heights that I hope to go on sub with in the new year.

So, what's on the agenda for 2023? Well, the sequel to Magic Dark, Magic Divine is locked in for an April release and I can't wait to start sharing more about what's in store for Penn and the gang.

I also want to start re-publishing my urban fantasy series, The Reanimation Files, starting with the first book, Affairs of the Dead. This was something I wanted to do this year, but other projects took precedence. I did, however, have a lovely new cover made that I am finally going to share!

This amazing cover was done by Rhett Podersoo

I am definitely hoping I can prioritize this project for the new year. Even though the four books in this series were previously published, I want to re-fresh them and that is something I need to take my time with. Here's hoping Selene and her ghostly troubles will be back out in the world soon.

In the coming months I am also planning to publish The Vanish Witch as a complete book, and include a new short story with it. I also plan to write a sequel. I want to go on sub with H&C, as well as write and go on sub with a YA Fantasy.

And I am sure new projects will present themselves and try to pull my attention away from what I've planned, but that's just how it is sometimes!

To wrap up the year, here are some of my favorite snippets from this year's writing projects.

Looking forward to what 2023 brings!

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